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The Giving Nest 

Goals, Skills, and Objectives

3 to 4 year olds




  • Begin learning the give and take of play.

  • Begin participating in a group.

  • Experience the advantages of waiting your turn and sharing.

  • Practice good manner words and actions.

  • Follow rules without being reminded

  • Express feeling verbally – say when happy, sad, afraid, angr

  • Ask for help when needed

  • Speak kindly to classmates

  • Speak respectfully to teachers

  • Politely wait to talk when someone else is speaking.

  • Play cooperatively with peers 




  • Identify and name colors.

  • Recognize first name.

  • Identify letters both upper and lowercase.

  • Identify what’s missing from a picture.

  • Retells favorite childhood stories using flannel board pictures   

  • Recognize what object doesn’t belong to a group

  • Sings the alphabet song.

  • Recognize upper case letter

  • Recognize lower case letters

  • Matches lower case letters with upper case letters

  • Begin to print name in upper and lower case




  • Sort and classify objects that have similar characteristics.

  • Rote count to twenty.

  • Work with one to one correspondence to ten.

  • Identify numerals to 10.

  • Identify and match shapes and colors.

  • Learn that there are many different types of animals and that animals move in different ways and live in different habitats.

  • Learn that plants make seeds for new plants and that seeds grointo plants with roots, stems, leaves and flowers.

  • Learn that germs cause illness and that soap and water and otherproper hygiene kill germs.


  • Hold crayons with fingers rather than fist.

  • Paint with large brushes on large pieces of paper.

  • Use scissors to cut basic shapes.

  • Put together a six to seven piece puzzle.

  • String beads on a rope.

  • Put pegs in a pegboard.  

  • Grasp pencil and crayon between thumb and forefinger

  • Draw horizontal and vertical lines

  • Draw circle, triangle and square

  • Begin to print name in upper and lower case

  • Hold scissor and use it correctly

  • Cut on a straight line

  • Cut out a shape


  • Roll a large ball to a target.
  • Walk forward and backward on a 6 foot line.

  • Climb, jump and run with friends

  • Practice pedaling on a carousel bicycle

  • Hop on one foot two or more times.

  • Crab & elephant walk

  • Broad jumps over a string or object two inches high. 

  • Wheel barrel with adult holding leg

  • Walk on a balance beam


  • Speak in four to six word sentences.

  • Use I, you, me, he and she correctly.

  • Engage in simple conversation.

  • Speak in front of a small group during show and tell

  • Perform on a stage in front of a group

  • Memorize and repeat finger plays and songs.

  • Describe actions depicted in pictures.

  • Follow two and three part directions.

  • Memorize simple nursery rhymes



Notice Of Nondiscriminatory Policy As to Students

         The Giving Nest admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school.  It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, scholarship and loan programs, and athletic and other school-administered programs.

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