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Why The Nest Is Best

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Thank you for your interest in our schools, one that was created over 30 years ago with care and love. Our dream was to create a school that offered a high quality and well-rounded educational program but at affordable rates to young families.  In September 1990 we opened The Giving Nest Preschool & Kindergarten in North Plainfield with 56 students and 10 staff members. Thirty plus years later our "Nest" has grown! We now have four locations in Somerset County including Watchung, Warren (for 24 months to 30 months only), and  Pluckemin.


The Giving Nest Preschool provides an opportunity for children to feel safe and secure in a loving environment away from home. Our dedicated staff stimulates and nourishes the total child, meeting emotional, social, intellectual and physical needs. Like the young bird in the nest that is nurtured and loved by the mother bird, our staff develops each child’s self-worth and self-importance. We want children to realize that each of us, young and old, have special gifts to share and give to our family, friends, and the community. As important as it is for our children to receive all the good things we have to offer, it is also important for them to learn to give. At The Giving Nest each child is respected for his/her individuality and will be encouraged to develop at his/her own pace. A child’s development is stimulated through play. Our staff uses this natural and important process to help the children to explore and grow. 


We believe the success of our schools is the result of three things. We have stayed true to our commitment, the founding directors remain an intricate part of all our schools; secondly, our dedicated staff and low turnover (a few have been with us since we opened and most have been with us for over 10 years); and lastly our supportive and wonderful families who believe in what we do. We want to thank you for your interest in our school. We continue to love what we do! Children are a gift ~ they fill our classrooms with laughter, innocence, and a zest for learning. Children keep you young and definitely keep you smiling! We look forward to “showing off” our schools, so call today for a tour at the location nearest you, and most importantly, we hope you will be part of our Giving Nest families. 


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