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Why The Giving Nest?

All 3 of my children have attended the Giving Nest in Martinsville and we have LOVED the school. My two oldest children were exceptionally well prepared for full day kindergarten in a local school district. In addition to that, we were so pleased with the community The Giving Nest provides. I highly recommend The Giving Nest in Martinsville!.

-Emily S. via Yelp

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My 2 Children have attended the Giving Nest in Martinsville for 4 years.  They LOVE it here! 

This school provided our children with a warm, caring, nurturing, and educational pre-school environment. (and a lot of fun too)

All of the teachers and the Director truly care about each and every child in the school - their learning paths, learning styles, social development, and overall experience! 

Our son was fully prepared both educationally and socially for kindergarten. 

The school also provides flexibility with early care, enrichment programs and aftercare. 

We can't thank all of the teachers and staff enough for providing our children here with such a supportive, nurturing, and caring environment in their early years of education.

I would HIGHLY recommend the Giving Nest in Martinsville!

-Lori K. via Yelp

I have sent 3 of my 4 children there and when old enough the 4th will attend also, and the woman who runs this location Ms. Max is spectacular.  When my oldest graduated from there and went on to public school she was way ahead of her peers because of the education she received at the Nest. If I could give it more than 5 stars I would but will need to settle for 5 as that is the most I can give. Any negative review about the Giving Nest in Martinsville should be ignored.

-Anthony E. via Yelp

We moved to the area about two years ago and The Giving Nest Preschool & Kindergarten came highly recommended from someone local. My three children have now attended The Giving Nest for just about two years. I cannot be more happy with The Giving Nest's curriculum, standards, cleanliness, parent involvement, & most of all the caring, patient, loving, & understanding staff of educators I've honestly ever met! I am a teacher myself and it is very impressive to see teachers who are so dedicated to educating our children. I highly recommend The Giving Nest Preschool & Kindergarten to all families that want a safe, comfortable, stimulating, educational, fun, & structured day plan learning environment for their children. I have yet to see any other preschool be this wonderful!


-Melissa D. via Yelp Review

Both of my children attended the Giving Nest. They loved it, it was always a positive, nurturing environment, and just as wonderful an experience for them as I could have ever imagined! When I first enrolled my daughter at age 3, my primary focus was that the kids obviously loved being there - I didn't think about the academics and didn't really realize until she moved on to elementary school (after attending Kindergarten at the Giving Nest) what a great head start it gives academically. As a realtor, when I sell a home to a family with young children, I always recommend it! 

-Susan Tucker

It's a wonderful school. My niece and nephew attend the first school 18 years ago.

Now our son attends and it's really a magical place. We are beyond pleased with the school.

-Shannon DeVivo Isaacson 


Best school ever!!! All the staff from the principal secretaries and teachers are so caring, understanding and sweet to all the children that creates a wonderful environment for the little ones, my Hannah still misses the school so much.

-Denise Ivette 


“We have enjoyed all the events at the Giving Nest. Each one has touched our hearts. This is an exceptional school”. 

- The Dornbierers      


Amazing. Simply the best preschool in the area. So nice to see teachers say good morning to the children as they enter and smile and welcome them! It never ceases to amaze us just how much they teach our 4 yr old. The other day he said a hexagon has 8 sides. His writing is amazing, he learned so much more here than at his last school. The art projects are so creative the staff has so much experience and they just love what they do. The shows are so well done, the children love to sing! Our son comes home and he is always singing new songs! On top of this they teach altruism, they teach children to respect their parents, they teach them to give and be kind. I wish this school went up to Kindergarten as it would be 10 times more worthwhile than the 2.5 hour Kindergarten available in my town. The other locations do have Kindergarten if you are interested in continuing with Giving Nest.  And the price is right and the flexibility is really great. If you need last minute after care just call them let them know and there's no grief or guilt. You pay a $10 hourly rate. If you know you need aftercare thoughout the entire year you can pay half that at $5/hrand make it part of your child's regular schedule.  I simply LOVE this school.

-HK via Yelp Review



Picking the right preschool or kindergarten is a very important and hard decision. I know that we picked the right school when we sent our son to The Giving Nest Preschool and Kindergarten in North Plainfield. 

The Giving Nest is not just a "school" but a loving, nurturing environment where every child is greeted in the morning, by name, with a big smile and a friendly hello. 

Our son Christopher recently graduated after attending the North Plainfield Giving Nest Preschool and Kindergarten for five years (both regular school and summer camp). We are very pleased at what he has learned. Was I surprised when he came home at 5 years old and said..."My favorite artist is Pablo Picasso because he painted in the abstract manner?"...No. 

At the Giving Nest children not only learn math, reading, science, crafts, and music, but they also learn social skills such as manners, sharing, personal responsibility, leadership, kindness, and how to be charitable to others...and it is taught in a manner that makes learning fun. 

The teachers and staff are very approachable and eager to assist parents and students with any concerns or needs. As important as it is for teachers to teach, parental involvement is also necessary and parents are regularly invited to participate in school activities or read to the class. 

When we are out we are always complimented on how polite Christopher is and how well he plays and shares with other children, both younger and older. He has learned friendship, patience, manners, politeness, negotiation & leadership skills, as well as his ABC's! 

The Giving Nest staff and teachers became part of our extended family and I am glad to have them play such an important role in my child’s early development and education. 

It was a sad day when Christopher graduated from The Giving Nest Preschool and Kindergarten, but we knew he was well prepared for whatever challenges lied ahead.

- Denise & Tom Jones      

"When it comes to customer service you set a high standard that other businesses should study!” 

- The Buckridges  

We chose the Giving Nest because it is a true learning institution...not a daycare in disguise. The teachers are fully committed to their students and our expectations have been exceeded by the kind care, respect and appropriate curriculum for out children. They are also reasonably priced and have been worth every penny.

-David M. on Yelp

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