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Parents were asked what they loved about The Giving Nest.

A wonderful, organized, caring, supportive environment. Challenging in the appropriate ways and nurturing as well. Wonderful focus on citizenship skills and fostering well-rounded children both emotionally, mentally and physically.

There is no better place to send your children to pre-k. So sad for my child to be leaving but you have instilled in her a love of learning. The lessons she learned there were priceless.

Incredible place to send your child!!

Beautiful program with wonderful staff and teachers. We are looking forward to next year . My children learned a lot.

We would love the staff to know how much we appreciate the love and care that you provide for all of the kids. We are very impressed how everyone (staff) pretty much know ALL of the students... or at least it seems... it gives the impression that the giving nest really is just more than a school/day care.

My experiences are all positive and I love everything about The Giving Nest. 

We love the Giving nest and could go on and on about how much we love it! Could not be happier or more thankful that we found such a loving and nurturing school for our 2 kids.

Overall I could have not been more pleased with the school and teachers!! I am so excited to have my son be there again next year and for my daughter to start!!

The school is helmed by very talented and gifted women.  The school runs like a well oiled machine.  Exceptional attention to details, extremely well organized.

Highly appreciate the individual focus and fact that everyone knows who we are, thank you Mrs. Hannon and Ms. Tara for creating a family environment for your staff - it translates to very positive experiences for our children.

Both Mrs. Hannon and Mrs. Tara set such a positive, comfortable, welcoming and fun environment and they know the children by name. They clearly love what they do and it shows in how they treat our children and us parents! (Watchung)

I just want to say it’s all the staff works well together and that’s a great thing to have.

There is no place I would rather have my kids.  My daughter started at 18 months with Ms. Tracy in Warren and finishing up this year in Watchung.  She absolutely loves this school and so do we!

“I absolutely love The Giving Nest and am so pleased that I enrolled my daughter here. She was at a different school last year, so I wasn't sure what to expect this year. I am blown away at the level of care, compassion, and dedication that these teachers and staff members show towards all the little ones at school. The directors know all the children by name and it is clear that they have established a strong rapport with all of them. The daily Sing-a-Ding that takes place at 9 a.m. for the whole school is beautiful. My daughter has learned a lot from being at the Giving Nest and I feel lucky she has become part of their amazing family!”

“Of all the decisions I have had to make for my two boys, choosing the Giving Nest to educate and help to develop them has been the best one. My oldest son, now 11, was enrolled in every level of classes offered. After completing kindergarten- he was more than prepared for first grade. In reading- he was much further ahead than his peers. Several years later it came time for our little one to go to school. There were no other options- we knew he would be at the Giving Nest. Petey was a different type of kid than our older son, with some struggles as he began school. The Giving Nest was so accommodating with scheduling his Early Intervention so that he was able to continue working with his therapist. Within a couple of months, he had fully transitioned and has excelled ever since. With all the uncertainty occurring right now in our nation and communities, the one constant has been the Giving Nest. Whether it was a phone call, email, video call...they have remained a daily presence in our lives. I know in years to come, even when we are no longer physically attending the school, that the Giving Nest will always be our family.”

“Our family absolutely loves this school. The teachers and entire staff are amazing, they go above and beyond. My daughter has attended The Giving Nest for two years, and both years have been such a wonderful experience. I know that she is in good, caring hands while attending school. The curriculum is structured, and the activities are both fun as well as educational. I highly recommend!”

“I can't speak more highly of the Giving Nest and it's staff! They are a caring, supportive

organization who's focus is set directly on the positive development of their students. The

student body is very diverse and the teachers clearly care for their pupils. Mary Sue Frank

always greets parents and children with a smile and is quick to address any issues or concerns

of the parents. I highly recommend the giving nest to anyone who wants to see their children

thrive.” (North Plainfield)

“We are so happy we decided to send our two kids here, one did 3 years, the other is in his 2nd.

Every staff member is very caring, patient, and communicates with the parents. They also run

great family events. Our kids come home happy, have made great new friends, and we are both

surprised at how much they actually learn at such an early age. This school definitely helps

them be better prepared for K, 1, and on. We recommend it to all our friends in the area.”

“The best Preschool, the staff at the Giving Nest are amazing.”

“The Giving Nest has been a wonderful experience for my daughter and our entire family. The

staff is warm and welcoming and provides an excellent curriculum as well as enrichment classes

like yoga, cooking, and arts and crafts. My daughter has also been able to participate in soccer

lessons at The Giving Nest. The school stays in constant communication with families to keep us

abreast of what’s going on at the school. My daughter LOVES going to school every day and she

has learned so much since starting at The Giving Nest last year. Mary Sue and he entire staff are

hands on and make sure that each child at the school is well cared for. I am so glad that we

found The Giving Nest for my daughter and couldn't imagine her attending a better school!” 

“I can close my eyes and relive my child's first day of school. Clinging and crying she doesn’t

want me to leave. I knew it was time for her to make her own way. My heart was breaking. I

remember the empathetic teachers encouraging me to check in anytime. I called 10 minutes

later and the office staff reassured me she was laughing, singing and playing with her new

friends. Then the staff asked if I was ok. It was that moment I knew we were part of a special

place. We were beginning our lifetime membership in the caring community of the Giving Nest,

North Plainfield, NJ.

The Giving Nest practices a holistic approach to learning, reaching and developing each child's

needs on a social, emotional and academic level. Since 1990, the Giving Nest education has

proven to be a strong foundation for success. Caring, dedicated professionals work in small

groups instructing, nurturing, creating and having fun with their students. Many of these

professionals are continuing the prodigious educational experience given to their own children.

These professionals are committed to make all students feel safe and comforted, fostering their

eagerness to learn and build relationships. It is very common to hear local elementary teachers

exclaim they knew immediately which of their students started at the Nest. As they grow,

Giving Nest alumni have a legacy of being empathetic high achieving scholars and community


Many schools later and now going on college visits, we can’t help but compare these

institutions to the Giving Nest Preschool, in North Plainfield, NJ. .

How I wish this school would become a university so I could enroll her all over again!”

“Oh, Giving we love thee! We currently have three children enrolled at The Giving

Nest in North Plainfield: one in Kindergarten, one as a Cardinal and the other as a Duckling. We

are so blessed to have found such an affordable preschool without sacrificing academics,

nurturing and experienced professionals. Our children look forward to going to school every

day and get upset when we come to pick them up! The kids love it there! And of course, we

can't say enough about Mrs. Frank! Her loving, warm and approachable personality is one that

will reside with us and our children for the rest of our lives. The school and staff members are

truly like family to us. We've been so spoiled by everyone's devotion and attention that we fear

the changes we face once the kids start grade school! They truly have set the bar so high! I

would recommend The Giving Nest a million times over again to anyone in search for a

preschool. Wouldn't send our kids anywhere else! Love you guys!”

“I would give them 100 stars if I could. Our oldest son has gone from a duckling to bluebird to

cardinal and now a kindergarten. Our youngest is a chick a dee. The dedication, love and

academics at this school are top notch. We were faced with a difficult medical situation weeks

before our oldest started school at 3 yrs. old. Afraid that they may no longer accept him, I called

the school crying. She didn't know me yet but Mary Sue took the time to meet with us and

learn all the medical care. There is no nurse at the school, and she didn't have to take on this

difficult challenge, but she wanted to. We have at least 5 staff at the school fully trained on

how to care for our son, so he's always covered. Over the past 3 1/2 years, they have gone

above and beyond to ensure our sons health but also made sure he was able to get his school

work in. Many changes were made, and accommodations granted. We wish our children could

attend the giving nest until 12th grade!! I get emotional thinking about my oldest graduating

this year. He doesn't want to leave either. He feels safe and loved. I trust them 100% with our

children and know they are in the best care, happy environment and having great learning

experience. Thank you to all the staff who have loved my children when I'm not there and treat

them like their own. We feel so lucky!!!”

Parents told us what they were happy their child learned at

The Giving Nest.

I am happy my child learned: A better pencil grasp

I am happy my child learned: About artists of the month and challenging vocabulary

I am happy my child learned: His letters

I am happy my child learned: To write his full name properly

I am happy my child learned: Pre-reading skills, handwriting

I am happy my child learned: How to write neater as well as start to read by identifying all of her sounds.

I am happy my child learned: The alphabet, phonics

I am happy my child learned: She is able to count to 10 and recognize letters and numbers

I am happy my child learned: Pledge of Allegiance....manners.....sharing/caring....songs...everything!

I am happy my child learned: Reading and writing

I am happy my child learned: How to write

I am happy my child learned: Her letters, social skills, working well with others, numbers, etc.

I am happy my child learned: Beyond typical letters numbers tracing, I think it's impressive how she knows Her home address and the addresses of other kids in the class.

I am happy my child learned: Letters, numbers, how to write his name and how to be an attentive student.

I am happy my child learned: Talking

I am happy my child learned: To play and sing and learn and grow

I am happy my child learned: Phonemic awareness/beginning reading skills

I am happy my child learned: To count !

I am happy my child learned: She can count to 100 and recognizes all her letters and some words!

I am happy my child learned: Writing her letters more

I am happy my child learned: socialization

I am happy my child learned: Letters, numbers, patriotic songs, how to hold a pencil

I am happy my child learned: Big word of the week/month. When my 5 year old responds to my "I'm not sure" by saying "that's a quandry" I know things are right with the world!

I am happy my child learned: his alphabets, nursery rhymes and songs, and had a great time getting prepared for kindergarten. We know he still has another year, which gives us confidence that he had a great start and is developing good practice amd routine to have a very successful academic future.

I am happy my child learned: How to write her full name

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