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The Giving Nest 

Goals, Skills, and Objectives


2 1/2-3 Year Olds




  • Begin to make transition from parallel play to small group play.

  • Begin to engage in simple interaction during play.

  • Adjust to a classroom environment

  • Use polite manners

  • Practice patience and waiting for a turn

  • Walk in a line

  • Eye contact when greeting teachers and friends

  • Give and take of sharing

  • Follow classroom rules

  • Speak nicely to classmates

  • Speak respectfully to teacher





  • Associate first name with symbol.

  • Matches colors and shapes.

  • Matches pictures that are alike.

  • Understands opposites (up/down, open/close, etc.)

  • Understand that books are special and we take very good care of them

  • Children learn to handle books gently

  • Recite the alphabet

  • Memorize short poems and nursery rhymes

  • Understand that reading is from left to right and able to turn pages in the right direction

  • Begin letter recognition

  • Locate and name the first letter in his/her name

  • Names colors

  • Remembers colors from memory ie “What color are peas?”



  • Rote count to ten.

  • Understand the concepts of full and empty.

  • Construct sets of blocks when given a model.

  • Sort objects into two categories

  • Count out objects one to ten

  • Begin to recognize numerals 1 to 5

  • Sort objects by color and size

  • Understand simple comparisons and superlatives, answering questions such as is this box little or big?

  • Explore opposites using all five senses.


  • Begin using large crayons, large markers and large paint brushes.

  • Put together a three to six piece puzzle.

  • Use glue sticks and paste objects to paper.

  • Stack containers (smaller to bigger).

  • Begin snapping together and taking apart plastic links, snapping beads and locking beads.

  • Practice grasping things with the fore-finger and thumb 

  • Draw straight lines

  • Draw circles

  • Demonstrate proper posture when coloring and drawing

  • Cutting and gluing

  • Tearing paper into shapes using forefinger and thumb

  • Beginning cutting skills




  • Imitate simple gross motor movement:  clapping, jumping, rolling on a

  • mat, etc.

  • Climb up a small ramp and slide down a slide.

  • Walk on tiptoes and march to music.

  • Climb, jump and run with friends

  • Throw a big ball, catch a big ball, put a ball in the basket

  • Walk on the balance beam

  • Follow rules to a game 



  • Speak in three to five word sentences.

  • Repeat sounds and words they hear.

  • Memorize simple songs.

  • Point to and label objects.

  • Ask questions and answer simple questions.

  • Begin to memorize simple nursery rhymes

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