Meet The Staff

North Plainfield

Mrs. Frank (Director)

Mrs. Presley (Assistant Director) 

Mrs. Jennifer ( Office Manager)


Class A/A+

Miss. Maggie & Miss. Patty


Class B/B+,C & D

Mrs. Kelly & Mrs. Michele


Class F+

Mrs. Jackie & Mrs. Smyth

Class E/E+

Miss. Maggie & Miss. Patty


Class G

Mrs. McGrath & Mrs. Sandra

Class H

Mrs. Melissa & Mrs. Barbara

Class I/I+

Mrs. Loretta & Mrs. V

Class J

Mrs. Stacey & Mrs. Elaine

About us

A message from the creators of The Giving Nest Preschools.

Parent Pages

Parent Pages keeps you up to date with Directors newsletters, calendars, and "What's Up" specific to your schools and teachers.

Our Schools

There are 5 locations to choose from. 


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