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Mrs. Amy (Director) .heic

Mrs. Amy (Director)

Miss. Rhys (Assist Director).jpg

Mrs. Rhys (Assistant Director) 

Mrs. Jennifer (Office Manager).heic

Mrs. Jennifer ( Office Manager)


2 1/2 Years Old Class

Mrs. Stevens _ Mrs. Diane (CO-TEACH A1234) Teacher Page .heic

Class A/A+

Mrs. Diane & Mrs. Stevens


3 Year Old Classes

Mrs. Sandra _ Ms. Walsh _ Mrs. Carolyn CLASS D_F.heic
Mrs. Cara _ Mrs. Kathy CLASS E.heic
Mrs. Holly _ Mrs. Stephanie CLASS C.heic
Mrs. Cara _ Mrs. Amy CLASS B.heic


4 - 5 Year Old Classes

Mrs. Jackie _ Mrs. V CLASS H_I.heic
Mrs. Davis _ Mrs. Maffucci CLASS G.heic


4 - 5 Year Old Class

Mrs. Aimee _ Mrs. B CLASS J.heic
Mrs. Alyssa_Mrs. Leanne_Mrs. Chanell CLASS K.heic

Kindergarten - Wise Owls
5 & 6 Year Old Class

Mrs. Theresa _ Mrs. B KINDERGARTEN.heic
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