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“Thinking of Others”


Donating to the Food Bank


     Our curriculum is set up to encourage your children to love school and experience all the joy that comes with learning new things.  We also offer opportunities to experience the true pleasure that comes with helping those in need and putting others first. We have a wonderful program called “Gertie Gives.” The Giving Nest actively involves the children in opportunities to help those in need. Please read the newsletters monthly to hear what the children are doing.  (By the way Gertie the Giving Nest Birdie is the name of the big nurturing bird on our logo)
            Starting in September we collect food on a daily basis for a local food bank. During Community Sing and Share  Mrs. Hannon will explain how a food bank works.  She will suggest that the Giving Nest students, when shopping with mom or dad, ask if they can pick out something to put in the food bank. Things in need are can goods; such as sauces, vegetables and tuna.  Peanut butter is in big demand as well as pasta products and dry cereal.  There is also a need for deodorant, toothpaste, toilet paper, disposable razors, hand crème, and disposable diapers.  However, anything your child wishes to donate will be appreciated. There is a blue basket on the stage for donations.     We will deliver the food we collect each week to a local food bank. 

            Each morning, before we salute the flag Mrs. Hannon asks if anyone has food for the food bank.  Those children will be invited to come up on stage, drop their gifts in the blue bucket and form a line.  Mrs. Hannon speaks to the children remaining on the floor and says, “These children started their day in a special way, what did they do special?”  All will respond, “They thought of others.”  Together we count the children on the stage and clap for them.  

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